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Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the outline of the woman’s odd bra (a push-up bra, he would later learn), but being an officer and a gentleman, he said that it was the game that gave the future away.


No, see, this scene is just amazing. The costume department deserves so many kudos for this, it’s unreal, especially given the fact that they pulled off Peggy pretty much flawlessly.

1) Her hair is completely wrong for the 40’s. No professional/working woman  would have her hair loose like that. Since they’re trying to pass this off as a military hospital, Steve would know that she would at least have her hair carefully pulled back, if maybe not in the elaborate coiffures that would have been popular.

2) Her tie? Too wide, too long. That’s a man’s tie, not a woman’s. They did, however, get the knot correct as far as I can see - that looks like a Windsor.

3) That. Bra. There is so much clashing between that bra and what Steve would expect (remember, he worked with a bunch of women for a long time) that it has to be intentional. She’s wearing a foam cup, which would have been unheard of back then. It’s also an exceptionally old or ill-fitting bra - why else can you see the tops of the cups? No woman would have been caught dead with misbehaving lingerie like that back then, and the soft satin cups of 40’s lingerie made it nearly impossible anyway. Her breasts are also sitting at a much lower angle than would be acceptable in the 40’s.

Look at his eyes. He knows by the time he gets to her hair that something is very, very wrong.

so what you are saying is S.H.E.I.L.D. has a super shitty costume division….

Nope, Nick Fury totally did this on purpose.

There’s no knowing what kind of condition Steve’s in, or what kind of person he really is, after decades of nostalgia blur the reality and the long years in the ice (after a plane crash and a shitload of radiation) do their work. (Pre-crash Steve is in lots of files, I’m sure. Nick Fury does not trust files.) So Fury instructs his people to build a stage, and makes sure that the right people put up some of the wrong cues.

Maybe the real Steve’s a dick, or just an above-average jock; maybe he had a knack for hanging out with real talent. Maybe he hit his head too hard on the landing and he’s not gonna be Captain anymore. On the flipside, if he really is smart, then putting him in a standard, modern hospital room and telling him the truth is going to have him clamming up and refusing to believe a goddamn thing he hears for a really long time.

The real question here is, how long it does it take for the man, the myth, the legend to notice? What does he do about it? How long does he wait to get his bearings, confirm his suspicions, and gather information before attempting busting out?

Turns out the answer’s about forty-five seconds.

Sometimes clever posts die a quiet death in the abyss of the unreblogged. Some clever posts get attention, get comments, get better. Then there’s this one which I’ve watched evolve into a thing of brilliance.







You know I am well aware this is speculation but considering how easily what Cole told Sam about his father’s death I am very much waiting to see how badly he misread the context much less the specifics of what happened that night. I’m well aware demon!dean let Cole go to torment rather than show him mercy in 10x02 but I suspect that said choice is still going to be an act of greater grace in the long term. After all if we do find out the death was justified or that Dean allowed himself to be cast as a scapegoat in one way or another then Cole is going to have to come to grips with the reality of the supernatural, yes, but he’ll also ultimately have the chance to live or die with a clear view as to the righteousness or corruption of his own actions. His obsession with catching Dean is clearly harming his family already to say nothing of the way he attempted to turn a living sentient being into bait and threatened to break his kneecap to get desired info. Can you imaging show much worse it could have/might still get if he succeeded in killing or permanently maiming Sam or Dean in payment for a self-judged crime he later learned hadn’t been committed…?


Or, it’s possible that even faced with evidence that Dean didn’t murder his father, or killed his father under justifiable circumstances, Cole will refuse to accept such a truth and persist in his attempt to take revenge on Dean anyway, possibly killing himself and leaving his family broken and grieving in the process.

Because since Cole seems to be a mirror of Sam and Dean, I think it’s possible he may end up being a representation of the dark, harmful consequence of the brothers continuing to hold to their, uh, ‘extremism’ I guess. Cole could be an example of what happens if you refuse to let go of narrow, blinkered, obsessive, black and white mindsets - a morality tale of how such thinking harms not only yourself but your family too.

And as such, seeing what such a life has driven Cole to could be part of what prompts Dean and Sam to start finding more of a middle ground in their outlooks?

Very valid points all though honestly I’m hoping Cole eventually becomes another ally or friend. If for no other reason than because of his tattoo as noted by other posts I’ve noted on TUMBLR. recently..the ones that may be tied to an abuse survivors group. ‘Strength to Change’ I believe it was called and it may be on his forearm? I’m sorry I don’t have a direct link to the subject…My laptop is down right now so I can’t look up a bookmark like I pregfer…I just remember noting it in passing inbetween taking note of two sik kiddos in the past 2 weeks and in light of Dean and Sam finally adressing some of the dysfunction and abuse in their own childhoods I’d love to see Cole go from an enemy to a reluctant ally to the kind of person who might be able to point the Winchesters not only toward a desire to heal, but an organization with the kind of resources that would help them do so… but then I may well be getting my hopes up unreasonably high. We’ll just have to see. also if anyone else knows the post I’m referring to with Cole’s tattoo analysis would you please message me or reblog with a direct link as both I and likely some of my other followers will want to see it. I have no idea at present how much more restoration work will be required to get my laptop back to halfway functional. :( Stupid computer viruses…

Wow link me if you find reference to stuff about Cole’s tatt (I didn’t even notice he had one!), that sounds really cool.

I’d be up for him to be an ally too. Right now I’m really not fussed about Cole at all, so I’m good for his character and story to go any which way :)

How about ‘Cole should become an ally because the rest of their friends are dead’.






This is so accurate. At school, we literally have children who will watch our facial expressions to see if them falling is as bad as they think it might be.


  • do not react. at the most, maybe wince and go “ooooh”
  • go over to the child to assess panic level and severity of injury
  • if they’re like, dying, remain calm, but they’re probably not.
  • look them in the eye and ask, “you okay?” they will nod. possibly all teary-eyed. then ask, “are we gonna need to cut it off?”
  • the child is thrown off. if they giggle, you’re in the money. if they do not, put a bandaid on and do some sympathetic patting. they are probably a little teary. let the sad little bug sit out for a minute. they will quickly get bored.
  • works every time

"sad little bug" is the cutest and most accurate term ive heard used to describe a child because sometimes bugs are kinda super cute sometimes bugs are really fucking annoying and sometimes bugs are downright TERRIFYING

I remember my sister did the ‘are we gonna have to cut it off?’ to her daughter once and my niece looked her dead in the eye and said ‘Get the saw, mother.’

Me and my brother-in-law lost it.

Hahahaha oh my god that’s perfect!

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Where there are wolves, there are ravens. Ravens follow wolves around a lot, mostly because they just seem to like them. They aren’t known to follow other predators and they prefer to eat with the wolves instead of alone. Source

ravens get easy food out of the relationship, and wolves get protection; the ravens fly above and alert the wolves to danger. ravens and wolves are also known to play with each other, esp. chasing games. they are both intelligent and playful animals who genuinely enjoy each other’s company. they also understand many of the other’s vocalizations.

i love ravens

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